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Law Enforcement Surveillance

Law enforcement operations around America work hard every day to serve and protect the citizens under their watch. SPORADASECURE has a long history of working with law enforcement in order to ensure that police efforts are as effective and efficient as possible. This means incorporating the latest in surveillance strategies, the highest technology, and years of surveillance experience to make sure that law enforcement has the tools they need to get the job done.

Mobile Surveillance Units:

Filling the Gaps for Law Enforcement in High Crime Areas

One of the most powerful tools SPORADASECURE has been able to bring to law enforcement is the Mobile Surveillance Unit, or MSU. At a glance, Mobile Surveillance Units are unmanned and portable security outposts that can be deployed to enhance the security of any location. This is particularly useful in high crime areas where law enforcement forces simply cannot maintain a constant presence.

MSU Capabilities

Electronic Detection –  an MSU’s primary function is to serve as a portable array of surveillance cameras to provide 360 degree visual coverage. These cameras deliver HD video that can be viewed from anywhere in the world with internet access. They can be upgraded and equipped with features such as motion detection, license plate capture, thermal cameras, and 360-degree pan/tilt/zoom functionality. These high quality and versatile cameras can become the extra set of eyes that law enforcement needs to watch over high crime areas.

Lights and Sirens – SPORADASECURE’s MSUs can be upgraded to include ultra-bright LED lights, strobe lights, and sirens. When paired with electronic detection technology, this makes an MSU the perfect solution for securing high crime areas. The presence of lighting provided by an MSU is often all it takes to deter criminals and illegal activity from ever happening—and nobody understands the value of preventing crime before happens more than law enforcement officials.

Two-Way Audio – MSUs can also be upgraded to include two-way audio technology. This means that law enforcement personnel monitoring an MSU will be able to hear what’s happening near the unit, as well as communicate with individuals nearby to give instructions or warnings. This capability can be critical in aiding law enforcement in controlling a security situation from afar.

Cellular and Wireless Network Capabilities – MSUs are equipped with wireless network capabilities. This technology allows for the transmission of video and audio to and from the unit to anywhere in the world, and it also allows the units to be linked together across a site. If one MSU is not enough to secure a larger site, multiple units can be used to canvas an entire area. Law enforcement officials rely on connectivity to get the job done, and there’s no better way to connect police operations than with our MSUs.

MSU Benefits

Integrate into existing monitoring stations – one critical benefit of using an MSU in law enforcement applications is the ability to link with existing monitoring stations. Police departments often have their own monitoring stations or contract with specific monitoring stations for department use. A mobile surveillance unit can be integrated with any existing monitoring program, and linked to any monitoring station in use by a police department or law enforcement operation.

Portable – MSUs are the ultimate in portable security and surveillance. Nobody knows the importance of mobility than on-the-move law enforcement personnel, and an MSU provides mobility like nothing else. Our units are cart-sized and can be deployed anywhere, at any time. They can be moved at a moment’s notice to make sure that security efforts are always the most effective.

No power necessary – a Mobile Surveillance Unit provides its own power. This is usually achieved through an advanced solar array, but solar technology can also be upgraded to include backup diesel generator power. This means law enforcement can deploy these units anywhere, anytime–even when there’s no on-site power.

Deterrent – no one appreciates the importance of deterrence more than busy law enforcement officers. The presence of MSUs is a powerful visual deterrent to would-be criminals. These high-tech units are loaded out with bright lights, tower-mounted cameras, and an array of other intimidating accessories. Just one look will send criminals running the other way and prevent law enforcement from every having to get involved.

Law Enforcement and MSUs:

A History of Success

SPORADASECURE has a proven record of working with law enforcement to effectively implement MSU’s and other surveillance technology. One example of this collaboration occurred when the Albuquerque, New Mexico police department needed help achieving full surveillance coverage of their city. The APD was dealing with increased gang activity, high murder rates, and increasing crime statistics that were consistent across the state.

Although APD had already implemented a state-of-the-art surveillance program, there were still gaps in their coverage. This included dense urban areas where it was difficult to install enough cameras and areas where crime would spike only at certain times.

The APD collaborated with SPORADASECURE to implement multiple Mobile Surveillance Units across Albuquerque in order to fill the holes in the surveillance system and enable an intelligence-based approach to their policing.

Using Mobile Surveillance Units, the APD was able to:

Conserve officer resources by involving video-verified response to reduce false alarms and cater police response to each situation.

Deal with criminal activity remotely by using two-way audio “bullhorn” technology to warn unwanted elements that they were being monitored by police.

Document known criminals by capturing and recording the identities of repeat offenders and gang members in HD video.

Collect data to create intelligence-based heat maps of crime to allow for the more effective use of police resources across the city.

Increase surveillance coverage in the literal sense, as well as in the perceptions of the public and would-be criminals. Because MSUs are mobile and completely portable, the APD was able to create the illusion that there were more MSUs in deployment than there truly were. This was cost effective for the department and kept people feeling safer and more secure.

Customized Solutions for Law Enforcement

Beyond MSUs, SPORADASECURE can take care of any surveillance or security needs that law enforcement operations require.

Drones – the ultimate in high-tech surveillance. Our drones are equipped with HD cameras and can give law enforcement a bird’s eye view of any situation.

Electronic Detection and Remote Monitoring – if an MSU is not the best for the job, SPORADASECURE can help with the installation of other electronic detection technology. This includes networked HD cameras, motion detectors, vibration sensors, and more. All of these technologies can be linked with existing police monitoring programs.

Access Control – when law enforcement is looking to control an area, especially during a special event, SPORADASECURE can assist with electronic access control. The days of chain-link fences and padlocks are long gone. Any area can be secured so that every visitor to the site can be automatically logged, identified, and checked for security clearance as they come and go.

See our MSU in action

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