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SPORADA in Action: Video Security Footage

In our SPORADAin Action series you can see how our services work. Here you’ll find actual footage of jobsites that are protected by SPORADASECURE.

SPORADAin Action | 06/06/16 Construction Site Theft

SPORADASECURE’s central command station was notified via video analytics of an intrusion on a clients constructions site. Command Center personnel immediately notified the client to verify this was not an authorized worker on-site.

Once the unauthorized intrusion was verified, the local authorities were contacted and dispatched. Upon arriving at the jobsite, police were assisted by SPORADASEURE’s monitoring personnel as to the whereabouts of the suspect. Thank’s to our live video feed we were able to locate and follow the suspect.

The suspect was arrested and the jobsite was secured.

SPORADAin Action | 04/21/16 Construction Site Theft Prevented

Video analytics on a clients jobsite detected an intrusion and notified our Central Command Center. Command Center personnel quickly verified the intrusion and, per post orders, dispatched the authorities immediately.

Local police arrived within minutes and were able to apprehend the suspect. The client suffered no property loss and the jobsite was securred.

SPORADAin Action | 10/02/17 Trespasser Caught on Camera

October 2, 2017 a person was viewed trespassing on a job site. SPORADASECURE’s command center dispatched the authorities. Law enforcement determined the trespasser wasn’t a threat and released him making sure the site was secure.

The incident was caught using an MSU Pro Solar with four standard 2-megapixel cameras.