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SPORADASECURE’s remote video monitoring caters to clients looking to have incident footage with real-time intervention. From pan/tilt/zoom to thermal, SPORADASECURE’s wide range of state-of-the-art cameras can cater to any security needs. Sophisticated alarm and video analytics alert our UL-Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified Command Center, allowing for relevant authorities to be notified of an incident. Our video monitoring service additionally stores these recordings in both our Command Center and within the individual units, meaning that upon request, the Command Center is able to complete a full data review, pinpointing and delivering the incident for legal or internal purposes. Video monitoring offers you piece of mind.

Benefits of video monitoring include:

  • Access Control
  • Provide entry assistance with video confirmation
  • Verify identity and authorization
  • Provide real-time intervention
  • Provide snap-shots and video clips


When we receive a video alarm signal, we work to confirm an actual intrusion or burglary is in progress. If we decide that there is a threat, we then provide the responding agency with a suspect or vehicle description. It is our intent to aid in the capture and prosecution of the person or persons responsible for the intrusion. We are here to keep your property safe, so we will cooperate with private agencies or law enforcement fully in order to assist them in finding the responsible party.

Keep a record of the intrusion

Snapshots and video clips of trespassers will also be instantly sent to you, police or others for action, investigation, and prosecution. If any further action by us must be taken, we will do so as fast as we can. The security of your property and the safety of those occupying it are of the utmost importance to us.

Remote Video Surveillance

Should an emergency occur, remote video surveillance can be a huge advantage. Off-site personnel is able to survey multiple angles at once, easily determining the exact situation and appropriate information to relay to authorities. Additionally, our Command Center will store your incident footage off-site and immediately send you a copy, ensuring that footage of the incident will be retained regardless of the circumstance. SPORADASECURE’s video monitoring service also allows you to monitor your site from any of your devices. With a clean, easy to use interface, our remote surveillance portal offers reliable 24/7 site access, allowing you to check on planned activities, verify issues brought up by employees, or simply check in on your site– regardless of your physical location.


SPORADASECURE’s surveillance systems are some of the most reliable in the industry. We have systems in place that monitor your security hardware and make sure everything is in working order at all times. Our systems are able to detect a variety of issues that can make your security surveillance less effective.

Connection Failure

It’s vitally important that all of your security hardware is connected. Our systems make sure that all the cameras, motion sensors, alarms and access control systems are connected giving you peace of mind.

Camera Issues

At the beginning of every shift, our monitoring specialists ensure the cameras are set up properly and are giving us a clear image of your site. If there are any problems they will take the necessary steps to ensure the cameras are in perfect sight of what you want to be protected.

Recording Issues

Although rare, recording issues happen. We have systems in place that will notify us the minute a camera stops recording. Once we verify, we take immediate action to rectify the situation.

Time & Date Inaccuracy

Having the correct time and date on surveillance video is critical. When reviewing footage of an incident you rely on the timestamp to let you know what time of the day or night the event took place. Our system makes sure the date and times on our surveillance videos are always correct.