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The challenge of securing a solar farm is unique, and security professionals are working fast to come up with creative solutions for securing such facilities. Solar farms are difficult to secure and offer many unique challenges to security professionals. Their remote locations and vast size make security difficult to ensure, and thieves are becoming increasingly aware of the high value of the equipment and supplies located on solar farms. In addition to material loss, intrusion and theft can cause high repair and run-on costs, leading to long periods of downtime and loss of revenue.

SPORADASECURE provides effective solar farm security systems for preventing immediate damage and theft to remote sites by designing site-specific solutions that integrate multiple systems to a turnkey solution. With today’s technology, there is no reason to have your solar farm anything less than perfectly secure.

SPORADASECURE effectively secures and monitors remote sites using:

  • Intelligent Video Surveillance Technology
  • Video Analytics
  • HD Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Audio Alarm and Voice-Down Intervention

Solar Farms: Unique Security Needs

Solar Farm Size

Solar farms are unique in that they are not businesses that can operate within discreet or specific areas. Quite often, a solar farm can span miles of property. On the other end of the spectrum, a solar farm may take up a single rooftop or small city space.  In either case, it can be difficult to secure very large or very small locations—but SPORADASECURE is on your side. Using our high-tech surveillance strategies, it won’t matter if you have a five-mile solar farm or a five-foot solar array.

Remote Locations

Solar farms, especially large operations, can’t be built just anywhere. In many cases, a solar farm will be located in a remote area where it is possible to harvest the powerful rays of the sun. But when solar farms are located in remote areas, it’s easy for intruders and criminals to access, enter, and disturb operations. If the solar farm is remotely located, the intruder will have all the time and privacy he or she needs to get the job done. With SPORADASECURE, our job will be to make sure they’re never even a consideration.

Expensive Technology

Your average solar farm is more sophisticated than most mom-and-pop business operations. Solar farms are always implementing the newest technology, cutting-edge facilities, and powerful equipment that achieves the goals of a successful solar farm operation. This sort of physical presence means two things: it’s not cheap to set up a solar farm, and solar farms are tempting targets for would-be thieves. Whether it’s equipment and supplies or a critical facility building, SPORADASECURE can take care of all of your assets.

Solutions for Your Security Needs

Intelligent Video Surveillance Technology

Intelligent Video Surveillance Technology is taking security far beyond the typical notions of video detection technology. With IVST, any number of cameras can be connected together to combine feeds and display their output in a more logical, helpful, and intelligent manner.  IVST can take large quantities amount of video feed (from many cameras observing a large area, for example) and perform checks that would otherwise require human intervention.

Video Analytics

Solar farms are state-of-the art facilities, and one state-of-the art technology emerging onto the marketplace is video analytics. Video analytics means that video streams from your site can be analyzed and used in specific ways, including object detection and classification, automatic video targeting, background modeling, and lightning manipulation (shadow removal). A system equipped with video analytics can provide automated security functions, such as detecting dropped objects, crowd movement, moving cars, or attempts to tamper with the camera itself.

HD Video Cameras

Electronic detection has is no longer confined to the ancient CCTV systems you might be familiar with. SPORADASECURE provides high-definition cameras which are capable of displaying, detecting, and recording video in higher resolutions. You won’t be able to fully utilize video footage that is grainy or low-quality, so implementing HD video cameras opens your security strategies up to features like IVST, video analytics, and more.

Thermal Imaging

It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but thermal imaging is a real security feature available to solar farms right now. With SPORADASECURE’s thermal imaging cameras, you are able to secure large areas without the need of abundant lighting. Our thermal security cameras detect heat signatures instead of light, and display those signatures in easy-to-interpret color arrays. Thermal cameras can see through shrubs, bushes, and some terrain features–making them ideal for securing large outdoor areas like those implemented by solar farms.

Audio Alarm and Voice-Down Intervention

Solar farm security is complicated by the need for immediate response to security threats and intrusions. Because they are often located remotely, it will usually take too long for emergency personnel to respond to a security event on the solar farm premises. By the time an intrusion is detected, assessed, and responded to, it’s usually too late. Audio alarms are classic security technology,  letting intruders know when their presence has been detected.  But today’s technology allows for much more, including voice-down intervention. Voice-down intervention involves having security personnel (virtual guard, or monitoring service personnel) make verbal or audible contact with intruders immediately. Virtual guards and monitoring personnel can observe an intruder and subsequently trigger alarms, manipulate electronic detection systems, or even engage in active communication with that intruder. This means that a solar farm won’t be unattended as a crime occurs. With audio alarm and voice-down intervention, there will be trained security interacting with an intruder right away. This interaction is usually enough to deter most criminals.


Using SPORADASECURE’S intelligent video surveillance technology, we can easily and effectively monitor any size solar farm and protect its valuable equipment, supplies, and materials. We design every solar farm security system to meet the specific needs of the location. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this page, contact us to get details on even more security options we can offer. From monitoring your solar farm to restricting access to the site, SPORADASECURE has you covered.