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Shopping centers can present a wide number of security concerns and challenges, ranging from petty theft to vandalism to violent crimes against your customers and employees. There is perhaps no other property type with such a range of security issues and problems, and it follows that the security program in place to protect these properties is equally unique and customized. SPORADA SECURE will work with you to design, install and monitor a security system that is tailored to your specific property needs.



During and after business hours, unwanted loiterers can intimidate customers, cause trouble, and attract negative attention to your property. Whether it’s teenagers hanging out, panhandlers present on your property, or potentially dangerous individuals using your property as a place to conduct their own brand of business, you can’t have loiterers running free to cause trouble or damage your interests.

After Hours Theft

Controlling and protecting merchandise, facilities, and equipment is one sort of task during daylight operational hours. Protecting these interests from theft after hours can be a more complicated security challenge to address. You may be experiencing burglaries at businesses on your property, car theft, or theft of parts from equipment like AC condensers or boilers. A proper security strategy can help identify perpetrators and provide you with a means to handle the situation.

Homeless, Panhandlers, Transients

No matter the time of day, homeless individuals, transients, and panhandlers are a major threat to employees and customers at your shopping center property.  You can’t predict what may happen at your shopping center when this sort of individual is around,  and you can be held responsible for the activity, crimes, and damage they engage in while on your property. While they may sometimes just seem like a nuisance, moving them along is key to security.

Graffiti, Property Damage, and Vandalism

Crimes such as graffiti, vandalism, or property damage can be nearly impossible to trace and prosecute, since the only evidence left behind is, unfortunately for the property owner, the damage to the property. When vandals don’t leave with any stolen goods, it can be impossible to determine who perpetrated the crime. Implementing an effective security protocol with SPORADA SECURE to monitor your property may be the only way to control the problem.

Parking Lot Theft

One of the primary concerns of business and property owners in shopping center contexts is what’s on and inside the property. An often overlooked area for shopping center crime, however, is the parking lot. Parking lot theft can be tempting crime of convenience, whether it means stealing cars or equipment from your property, or making victims of customers and visitors at the shopping center. SPORADA SECURE will ensure that your parking lot is as secure as the rest of your property is.

Employee, Customer, and Visitor Safety

One of the most critical times for safety and security on your shopping center property is when employees, customers, and other people are in transition on the property, whether at the beginning of the day, the end of the day, or when they are coming and going from the property. People coming and going from their workplaces create a tempting target for thieves and criminals. Customers are also prime targets, especially at opening and closing hours when traffic is lighter. A proper security program from SPORADA SECURE can help protect all of the people who work and shop on your property.


Prevention, Detection, Response

SPORADA SECURE specializes in prevention, detection, and response to security issues at your shopping center. That means using the highest of technology and state-of-the art equipment to secure your shopping center from all angles, at all times.

Detection & Monitoring

Detecting intrusions is the primary concern of most security strategies. Modern detection devices range from complex high-definition cameras to the simplest motion detecting sensors. Detection devices can be IP connected and controlled from central locations and even enhanced by using intelligent video surveillance technology, which allows for computer-controlled analysis and automated security measures. Detection devices can also be linked to monitoring services (including virtual guards) that can respond to alerts and dispatch the appropriate response 24 hours a day.

Virtual Guard

Physical guards are a great security measure, but they can be expensive to implement in most business settings. SPORADA SECURE’S modern technology provides a more affordable and effective alternative. Having a virtual guard “on site” means using electronic detection and remote monitoring paired with dedicated security personnel who can act as virtually-present guards on your property. A virtual guard can monitor the shopping center remotely, assess the need for a response in cases of security alerts, and take further security measures from afar. This can include communicating with emergency personnel, activating MSUs or light and alarm systems, and observing incidences for later reporting and understanding.


The only security achievement better than stopping a crime is preventing one from happening. With mobile surveillance lighting, alarm systems, and smart signage, SPORADA SECURE will be sure that your shopping center property is visibly protected, and we’ll make sure that would-be intruders and thieves know it as well. The right combination of lighting, alarms, and signage can make all the difference in the world for shopping center security.


Every shopping center is different, and every shopping center security program should be customized as well. That’s why we’re ready to work with you at SPORADA SECURE. If you have a security need not addressed on this page, we can work with you to come up with a high-tech, state-of-the-art solution that fits your needs and solves your problem. Contact us today to work with the true security professionals.