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Vacant commercial properties might seem like areas that don’t need complete security solutions, but properties like these are prime targets for thieves, criminals, and vandals. Property damage and vandalism can occur even on vacant properties, and your property can be quickly devalued by intruders, making it far less attractive to a potential tenant or buyer. This can happen seemingly overnight, with even the best areas of town being affected. Not only can the vacant property security issues cost you money in the long run, but they can also slow you down from developing the property into something that will make you money. We know that the bottom line is important to our customers, so SPORADASECURE is here to prevent security issues and save you money in the process.



If you are in charge of property management, you may already be all too familiar with some of the crime issues that can occur on even a vacant property:


What seems like harmless street art can be much more insidious. Graffiti contributes to the blight of an area, making it less likely to sell on the market. It is unsightly, difficult to remove, and can even be used by gangs and criminal groups to mark territory and send warnings to other like-minded individuals. You don’t want this sort of issue on your property, so graffiti must go.


Even a vacant property may have old equipment, legacy facilities, or elements like streetlights present on the site. Although these components may be destined to be removed eventually, it doesn’t help your property’s value to have vandals damaging, destroying, or stealing these elements on your property. You might think your property is empty, but if you look close you’ll see more.


Empty, unmonitored properties can attract vagrants, transients, and squatters who seek to hang out or even reside on your property. These transients represent a nuisance issue (at best) and (at worst) a potential source of crime and vandalism on your property. SPORADASECURE can work with you to develop a surveillance plan to keep these people off or your property.

Window Breakage

There is a term used in describing blight, known as “broken window syndrome.” It suggests that when certain elements of blight are present (such as broken windows) a property or area is more likely to descend into further blight and disrepair. So something as simple as a broken window can lead to more serious problems on your property. SPORADASECURE can monitor your assets to deter and prevent this sort of simple vandalism that can cause so much trouble.

Theft of Electrical Wiring, Metal pipes, and HVAC Units

Even on a vacant property, enterprising thieves can find something to steal. Whether your property is completely empty, or whether it has old buildings on site, there will likely be aging infrastructure that is vulnerable to theft. This might include underground electrical wiring, plumbing, or electrical and plumbing systems still present in old buildings. It also includes HVAC units and boilers that may or may not still be attached to those buildings.

Property Damage Due to Acts of Nature

While this isn’t the first concern on most security checklist, a vacant property is—of course—subject to acts of nature such as flooding, high winds, and storms. In the case of damage to your property because of these conditions, it will be advantageous for you to have a full visual security record of events that have recently occurred on your property. This will help you in making a more effective insurance claim, if necessary.


Because many of these commercial properties may not be generating revenue, it’s important to select a property management security service that is both affordable and effective. SPORADASECURE can provide a variety of temporary or permanent property management security systems.

You might be thinking that security options are thin for vacant properties. There will not likely be electricity service to a vacant lot, and you don’t want to have to pay to have such service run to your property, since the property isn’t making money in the first place. For this reason, SPORADASECURE is proud to offer the latest in portable security options through our Mobile Surveillance Units.


SPORADASECURE’S mobile surveillance units come in a variety of sizes and orientations, with fully customizable loadouts of security features. Most are no bigger than a rolling food cart, and they represent the pinnacle of modern state-of-the-art mobile security.

Solar Powered

Our solar-powered mobile surveillance units operate without any electricity service, using powerful solar-charged batteries that operate the systems day and night. This means they can be placed anywhere, anytime, on any vacant property that you manage.


The mere presence of an MSU will provide excellent deterrence to most would-be criminals. A vacant property is one situation, but a vacant property with a state-of-the-art security center parked in the middle is another situation entirely. If the site of the unit isn’t enough to scare away trespassers, the unit is equipped with automated lights and alarms to provide further deterrence if an intrusion is detected on your property.

Monitor, Alert, Respond

When an MSU is placed strategically on your property, it will monitor activity by using sophisticated motion sensors, video cameras, and other electronic detection devices that can be customized to fit your needs. The unit will not only monitor activity, but it will also notify a remote monitoring command center to any intrusions.

Additionally, these surveillance units also allow you to view your property remotely from virtually anywhere, using your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This means that an MSU on your property can be viewed and controlled by security professionals, by you (the property owner), or by any other designated parties. Parties with remote access capabilities will also be able to operate certain security functions remotely, such as alarms, lighting, and sirens.