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Whatever your project, our drone services can help – they save time, money and give you powerful, actionable data for your jobsite. Simplifying tasks from project management and marketing to security and 3D modeling. We are fully licensed by the FAA to fly commercial drones day or night and all of our pilots are fully insured and professionally trained. We also use a variety of cameras from 4K HD to thermal depending on your needs.

Drones are powerful machines, and they’re growing more prevalent every day – across a range of industries. You’ve probably know them from the film and photography business, or you may know them from their military connotations. But their uses extend well beyond mere image capture. Every month new industries are finding out how drones can quite literally revolutionize the way work is done, making things easier and cheaper for all involved.

Now, you can use these clever devices for your construction business. Whether it be for security, resource management, 3D modeling or even for marketing; these little machines can pull a lot of weight.

Below are some of the drone services we offer using, to help make your jobsite safer, limit liability, provide the latest data, and cut costs.

Jobsite Flyovers

Job site flyovers can do what would have taken a team, several pieces of expensive machinery, and many man hours — in mere minutes. Whether you’re looking to prevent liability through verifying concrete pours, steel foundations, and soil compaction, or identifying safety flaws using a unique bird’s eye view – the drone can help you achieve all this and more.

Using an aerial inspection we can deliver incredibly high-quality footage in 4k, allowing you to study your job’s progress and ensure that work is completed on time and to your standards. This allows project managers to sign off on contractor work without needing to be on site, saving time and money. Contractors can even utilize the footage and images to ensure they understand and know what their work entails precisely.

The drones can be used to identify safety flaws in your perimeter, so you can have them fixed before they become a problem and ensure your site is safe, to prevent liability and costly legal fees.

We can even supply you with a live video feed, allowing you or your client to ask for specific viewpoints or vantages as the flight goes on.

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Benefits of using SPORADASECURE’s drone services:

  • Aerial documentation of your jobsite
  • Prevent litigation
  • Create promotional marketing material
  • Confirm concrete pours, foundations, compacting and steel
  • 3D Rendering of your finished jobsite

Drone 3D Modeling

One of the most exciting uses of drone technology is in creating 3D models of your construction work. This provides you with a digital framework with which you can utilize video analytics, geo-tag work, and even attach, more detailed photos and videos, offering you a powerful and multifaceted tool to manage your project with.

The 3D models also allow clients and contractors to take a close and personal look at your project at will – even if they’re thousands of miles away.

If you use this service at regular intervals throughout the project’s lifecycle, the data will add up to a powerful and comprehensive record of the work progress, with multiple data points geo-tagged and adjusted throughout the lifecycle. This means better safety records and allows you to go back in time–so to speak–and see the whole process, with the attached photos and videos, from beginning to end.

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Drone Jobsite Documentation

Whether it’s regular 3D models or consistent aerial sitemaps, using a drone to document your progress can be invaluable to any project manager. It allows you to keep your project on schedule and within budget while giving you access to tools that make tracking and staying on top of your work schedule simple.

Flyovers can provide unparalleled progress monitoring at all stages of construction, giving you, your clients or project manager easy access to inspections, real-time data and even virtual tours.

Our drones can provide a complete view in places that are hard to reach, or offer you the ability to tag and track assets, attaching in-depth documentation or up close photos to points of interest across the construction site.

If you’re looking to impress your clients, nothing will have more of an impact than a dramatic 4k flyover, professionally piloted and edited. We can even supply you with a live video feed, allowing you or your client to ask for specific viewpoints or vantages as the flight goes on.

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Create an Aerial Sitemap

Using the latest technology we can provide your construction site with an aerial sitemap, for only a fraction of what it would have cost even 5 years ago. The unique vantage point will allow you to use the sitemap to provide detailed progress monitoring and reporting — for you and your clients.

The aerial sitemap can be used for more than simple progress reporting, however; the 4k images make for excellent data to conduct risk management and in-depth assessments of your job site. While giving you detailed records and up-to-the-minute data to ensure you’re not left at risk for construction defect litigation.

Frequent use of the aerial sitemaps also provide a fantastic resource for jobsite progress, similar to our time-lapse services.

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Promotional flyovers

What better to show off your business, new building, or new location than with a promotional flyover? Using drones you can now have a professionally edited, crystal clear and stunning flyover of your property, building or business.

Drones are more maneuverable, can fit through tighter spaces and have impressive acceleration speed, meaning you can make a snappy, polished video that will have your clients and customers jaws hanging open. Of course, we use FAA certified and expert pilots, and all of our videos are professionally edited and put together to your specifications, so you can be sure your promotional video will be created with care and attention it needs.

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Real Estate Drone Photography

With today’s drone technology, real estate agents are taking to the sky to help sell their properties. Using aerial drone photography or video helps showcase your property to potential buyers, giving them a detailed look at the property like never before. Our real estate drone services can provide professionally edited stills or video to help your property sell.

Benefits of our real estate drone services include:

  • Licensed and insured professional pilots
  • 4K Quality aerial images and video
  • Professionally edited marketing material helps sell your property
  • Show more of your property to potential buyers