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Every business owner is looking for ways to protect their interests, save money, and take care of their customers. Auto dealerships are no different, and one way to address those issues is by building a strong security strategy. Auto dealerships are susceptible to inventory theft, property damage, unwanted intruders, and many other threats. Even more importantly, auto dealerships handle expensive merchandise and equipment, so the stakes are even higher for these specialized businesses.

Budgets are low, crime is up, and the difficulty of securing an auto dealership is more complicated than ever. The good news is that SPORADA SECURE specializes in auto dealership security, and through our methods, we can provide effective security and protection for your auto dealership. Even better, implementing many of our high-tech surveillance methods will actually save you money versus traditional security methods. SPORADA SECURE can help protect your auto dealership with live monitoring, voice down and alarm technology, remote video feeds, state-of-the art IP camera technology, and more.


Benefits of Auto Dealership Security Systems from SPORADA SECURE

Reduce Overall Security Costs

Most people associate high-tech industry solutions with a high price tag, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, implementing SPORADA SECURE’s high-tech security strategies can actually reduce security costs. The cost of paying a guard to physically patrol your auto dealership, for instance, is astronomical compared to the affordable costs of implementing a virtual guard system. Going with SPORADA SECURE for security technology will actually save you money.

Observe Staff and Employees at Your Business

Observing staff and employees can serve several security roles. Observing staff and employees will help assure the safety and security of the people who work for your business, whether from outside interference or from issues within the business itself. And although no business owner wants to face the facts, it can be a reality that business staff and employees can often be responsible for theft and other crimes, so it can be important to monitor their actions as well.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism on the Lot

The primary concern of most auto dealerships is theft. Auto dealerships have large quantities of high-value merchandise on hand at all times. This merchandise must be protected both from complete theft, and from damage or vandalism. Loss of merchandise, or the loss of a sale because merchandise is damaged, is unacceptable in the modern age of security. In addition to helping prevent theft and vandalism of merchandise, SPORADA SECURE can help protect the property perimeter, parking lots, access points, buildings, and showrooms as well.

Decrease and Reduce Insurance Premiums

Being able to demonstrate to your insurer that you have a complete and comprehensive security strategy in place is a key way to reduce insurance premiums, rates, and fees. When you can prove with confidence that your employees, merchandise, and facility are safe and secure, you will be able to command better rates from your insurance company.

Minimize Customer Claims and Liability

A full security program can also help minimize customer claims and liability. No matter what the situation, and no matter what the veracity of the claims may be,  savvy business owners want to make sure that they have the tools to support their version of an incident or to clear up other situations where integrity is key. When you can prove that you’re doing things right, it’s harder for someone to claim you’ve done something wrong—and our technology can help you research any past event on your property.

Capabilities of SPORADA SECURE’S Auto Dealership Security Systems

Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring is the foundation of most security strategies. This process means that your business will be monitored electronically from a remote location, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Remote monitoring will implement any variety of our state-of-the-art detection devices to provide information for remote security personnel. This might include motion and vibration sensors, high-definition IP cameras, or mobile surveillance units. If any of these electronic detection devices sense movement or disturbance at your auto dealership, security personnel can remotely assess the situation and respond appropriately.

Virtual Guard

The cost of putting a physical guard in place can be sky-high, but modern technology provides a more affordable alternative. A virtual guard combines electronic detection and remote monitoring with dedicated security personnel who can act as virtual guards on your property. A virtual guard can monitor remotely, assess the need for a response, and take security steps from afar. This can include alerting emergency personnel, controlling entry and exit security features, or even making contact with individuals on site through voice-down technology or remotely-controlled alarm and light systems.

Radar Security

Radar security is a new and powerful security technology that is being implemented in many modern auto dealerships and car lots. Radar security allows for 360-degree radar tracking of any space or area in which a radar security system is installed. Even if a traditional video camera would be susceptible to movement or intrusion at your business, radar technology can pick it up. Radar technology can also be used to monitor variables such as movement, speed, and location of people and objects.


A time-tested and reliable security technology for your auto dealership is a system of closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras. Modern CCTV systems are more advanced and state-of-the-art than ever, so even if you think your business already has a good CCTV system, you may want to think again. Today’s systems feature full-color HD cameras and can be integrated with other technologies like time-lapse photography or video recording to keep your business and everything within it safe and secure.